23 children aged between 7-12 visited the airfield as part of their Cub Scout Air Activities Badge. For the badge they have to understand the important of safety around an airport and aeroplanes. They also need to be able to identify the main parts of an aeroplane, together with making several different models of planes, i.e. different types of paper aeroplanes and helicopters. Be able to identify 6 different airlines by their markings and if possible fly in an aeroplane and tell the other Cubs all about their experience.

At the airport the children were luckily enough to have a detailed talk by Kelvin all about safety and the different parts that make up a plane. They were even fortunate enough to take a look inside the control tower and to hear and understand radio traffic and the importance of air traffic control.

A couple of the children even managed to go up in a plane with Charles Prior and will share their whole experience with the others at their pack meeting where all the children will then complete the rest of their badge.

They visited MAPS restoration hangar and appreciated the real dangers of being in a plane during the war and the vulnerability of being an exposed gunner.

They loved the museum shop and brought the entire stock of polystyrene planes!

A copy of their press release in respect of an appeal for refurbished facilities for the Scouts is available here.

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